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Available ​Postgraduate Diploma

At London Graduate School, our programmes are designed to provide students with flexible learning experiences that match their circumstances, motivations, and commitments, allowing students to study at their own pace.​

Our Postgraduate programmes are carefully developed and taught to ensure that they are up to date and relevant to the modern day and equips students with the knowledge and critical skills they need for their chosen professional and career paths.​

Why ​LGS?

At London Graduate School our programmes are designed to offer students around the world the flexible learning experiences to match their circumstances, motivations and commitments so students can study at their own pace.​


Make the best of your time. Study at your own pace, at any time.​

Dedicated Team

Wherever you are, our teaching and learning resources are available to support your learning at any time. ​


Our blended learning approach combines sense-making activities with focused interactions with content, peers, and tutors both inside and outside of the classroom.​