Our Academic And Examination Board

The Academic and Examination Board, convened as an authoritative body, is entrusted with steering the strategic course, framing academic guidelines, and nurturing institutional partnerships. As the premier academic council of the institution, its responsibilities include endorsing new academic proposals, advising on policy matters, and upholding academic integrity and standards. The Board's core mission encompasses endorsing curricular offerings, fostering inter-departmental collaboration, and promoting a culture of excellence in teaching, scholarship, and research. The London Graduate School's Academic and Examination Board is composed of three eminent members, each bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Dr Patricia Land

Patricia Land, PhD, is a seasoned professional in health and social care education with extensive experience in academic operations and standards. As the Head of Operations at London Graduate School, she has demonstrated expertise in compliance and quality assurance. Her directorship at Care About Learning Ltd showcases her proficiency in education consultancy, particularly in curriculum design and delivery. With a robust academic portfolio, including a PhD in Education and multiple publications, Patricia brings a wealth of knowledge and a commitment to excellence to the board.

Dr Ajit K Prasad

Professor (Dr) Ajit K Prasad is a distinguished academic with over 20 years of experience in tertiary education. Holding a Ph.D. in Educational Administration and Management, he has a proven track record of excellence in teaching and research, notably in ethical leadership and women's education. Recognized with multiple awards for his teaching, Dr. Prasad has published extensively and contributed to international seminars. His affiliations with prestigious professional societies and his commitment to continuous learning demonstrate his dedication and expertise, making him an invaluable asset to any Academic and Examination Board.

Dr Tan Boon Leing

Dr. Tan Boon Leing is a distinguished academic with a robust background in higher education, research, and academic management. His expertise spans lecturing, curriculum design, e-learning, and quality management, with significant roles as Vice Principal, Academic Director, and Adjunct Professor at various universities. Dr. Tan's leadership in academic consultancy and his involvement in international education projects reflect his strategic planning and execution skills. His extensive professional memberships and editorial experiences further underscore his commitment to academic excellence and innovation.

Master’s degree​

60 credits final stage